Today I decided I was going to really make a go of this writing malarkey. I’ve been writing most days for the past year (granted some of those days were ‘to do lists’) and it’s about time I started taking it seriously.
I want to be that person whose office is the local coffee shop, whose work hours are those that are not the same time as their favourite TV programmes and whose colleagues are the furry friends that some people may call pets.
On a genuine note, I also really want to write which is fairly important. I want to expand my vocabulary, use words as my  skill, make it my day job, tell stories and if I’m really lucky, have people actually read those stories.
So, I did what any serious writer would do; I got business cards. They say ‘Writer’ on them, there’s my website printed neatly underneath and they’re simply black and white because a writer only needs her words, not images (and it costed more to print in colour). Basically, it’s official.
So, after much procrastination I finally did the impossible…
1) I decided to write in the middle of the month!
Why is it so much harder making a change when it’s not on the 1st day of the year?
2) I started calling myself a ‘writer’.
Not an ‘aspiring writer’ or ‘I want to be a writer’ but just going the whole 9 yards and saying I am a writer.
Yes, it’s a little embarrassing at first but those business cards really help at that point.
3) I sat down to write.
Any writer’s, especially not writing writers, will know that the sitting down is half the battle.
So, here I am after overcoming many small hurdles, writing my first potentially life-changing (dramatic? Nah!) blog post.
Then an idea comes to me. I know what my first post as a writer should be… brief.
There is a certain skill, style and control to brevity.
Y’know what, my first blog should be really blummin’ short.
Yeah, that’s a great idea.
Well done me.
Great job.


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