Places of Inspiration

I’ve been trying to work out what the perfect place for me to write is. At home, at work (secretly), at a library, etc. I imagine this is exactly why I’m not writing, because I’m spending more time finding my perfect spot. However, in doing so I’ve found out a few things about my ‘writing brain style’. I call it “Partially Distracted, Un-threatened, Occasional Eater’.

This roughly translates as:
Partially distracted: I like a little bit of activity around me, like a few quiet, amusing conversations near by to give me inspiration.
I generally avoid anywhere that’s completely silent as it highlights how bare my brain activity usually is.
However, I can’t deal with anything overly distracting like loud traffic or dramatic family arguments…
Un-threatened: I avoid places like the library because it’s like every book is mocking me saying ‘har har, we’re already finished!’
Occasional eater: I cannot work anywhere near a fridge because then that’s all I’ll think about.
However I do need to have a ‘little something’, as my gran would say, to keep me going. Ideally a muffin or banana loaf.

Through absolutely no logical working out I have decided that the best places of inspiration for PDUOE writers (catchy, I know) are:
Busses (but not night busses or in rush hour)
Quiet coffee shops (with quiet baristas that don’t abuse the coffee machine loudly)
Park benches with a nice view (but few dogs, I get easily distrated by pets)
Or a nice light, airy, affordable studio in London :'( … (I can dream!)

I’ve come up with a a few other ‘writer brain types’, a little bit like the the personality column in a teen-girls magazine… but for writers:
(If that doesn’t appeal to you then I don’t know what will.)

The can’t-concentrate-if-there’s-a-single-sound-even-a-ticking-clock writer
The must-clean-and-tidy-everything-in-the-room-before-starting writer
The can-only-write-at-completely-unsociable-or-innapropriate-times-of-day writer
The can-only-write-about-people-and-things-that-are-immediately-near-or-present writer
The gets-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-to-write-down-amazing-ideas-and-wakes-up-to-find-nonsensical-scribbles writer

If you’re one of these types of writers or another ridiculously specific type of writer then I only hope that you find a completely illogical way to find your perfect place of inspiration too.
Good luck!


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