Writers Hate Writing

It’s usually when I’m really desperate to write something brilliant that I can’t write anything at all. I’ll have all the time, peace and quiet in the world but no ideas. Yet, I have all the thoughts humanly possible when I’m being casually crushed on my morning commute, just a millimeter out of reach of my phone, unable to leave myself a note. Or, when I’m in a rush somewhere with no time to write anything down. Or, worst of all, when I’m in a perfectly nice spot to write… but I don’t have a pen or paper.

I have a theory that writer’s don’t really want to write. We love coming up with concepts, stories and narratives but dislike the actual writing bit. We dislike it because inevitably our fantastic imaginations are never as good on paper. (Not the first time round, at least.) Or, we might be able to create the perfect first chapter but then it doesn’t go anywhere. Or, there’s no way to actually translate your sweeping, electric, visual fantasies into actual, coherent words. Basically, we dislike writing because it’s the hard bit and thinking is the fun bit!

I remember hearing that J K Rowling came up with the whole idea for Harry Potter on a delayed train with nothing to write her notes down on. But, maybe if Rowling had 7 empty notebooks and a pile of pens she wouldn’t have felt like thinking of it all? Then it may have seemed too much like hard work.

So, what I’m getting at is, without the prospect of actually writing we are full of all sorts of wonderful ideas because there’s no pressure of them actually materialising as (sometimes disapointing) words on a page!
I’ve coined the term ‘Mentascript’ (Mental + Manuscript).
Don’t judge me, it’s the best I could do… I’ve already tried ‘Contemtyping’ (Contemplating + Typing), ‘Tharrative’ (Thought + Narrative) and ‘Internovel’ (Internal + Novel).

I’ve decided I’m going to trick my mind into Mentascripting. I’m not entirely sure how yet… My only idea so far involves going out without a pen, paper, laptop or phone. Then, wandering in a direction where there are no cafe’s, libraries or stationary shops. (I promise I’m not purposely trying to get into dangerous situations here!) And eventually reaching a phone box (if they still exist/work) and leaving myself a long phone message with my wonderful epiphany!

Any other ideas are welcome!


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