Too Many Feelings!

We’ve all got our emotional weaknesses, those things that inevitably make us cry. Some of us weep at families being reunited, others tear up at pets in pain and a few of us cry at disastrous weddings and parties. I’ve never really had a specific preference, I really am an all-round cryer. I cry if I’m surprised or worried or embarrassed or angry or uncontrollably happy. It’s basically the height of all my emotions, every single one of them. However, last week I hit a new low, even for me.

I went to the cinema to watch ‘St Vincent’. From what I could tell it looked like a comedy so I hadn’t emotionally prepared to cry. (Usually I have a little calm down, half a bag of maltesers and wipe off any excess eye make up.) Instead, I perched in my seat and got ready to laugh (which still involves half a bag of maltesers). Little did I know what I was about to behold.

A scene began harmlessly and sweet. Then it quickly descended into a full blown emotional attack on the senses. There was a touching family reunion, numerous characters weeping and, my ultimate weakness, heartwarming music. It didn’t take me long to break down. A single tear fell down my cheek (followed by about 100 more, the floodgates were open now). Who would have known a Boots advert would affect me so deeply!?

Yes, that’s right. I didn’t even make it to the film without crying. Not even the trailers. It was the adverts. That’s when you start thinking; maybe I haven’t got one of those regular ’emotional weaknesses’, maybe I am a bit overly emotional. I proceeded to cry twice more during the film which pretty much confirmed the fact that I’m a compulsive weeper.

However, there is another side to the story. If, like me, you find yourself crying at animal compilation videos, your bottom lip wobbles during all heated discussions (even if you’re not involved) and your idea of a ‘little cry’ compromises a full box of tissues (including the box) then you may be in luck. Yo may be lone of the lucky few who have: 20/20 emotionision! (One of my many made up terms but relevant, none-the-less.)

We’re not overly emotional, we feel more.

It’s like having good eyesight or a keen sense of smell. Others may laugh at your whimpering or take the mic out of your blubbering. However, they’re just emotionally blind! You’ve got the full picture, they’ve got tunnel vision. You can smell every bit of emotion, they’re a bit nasal. You can taste the whole scene, they add a lot of salt to things. Don’t let the those stone-faced haters bring you down! They’re just jealous because no one has invented emotion glasses yet and you’ve got full focus.


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