Let’s All Quit Our Jobs!

Please. It would make me feel better about quitting mine.

Quitting your job to pursue your dream is a very brave thing to do. It is also a very stupid thing to do, logically speaking. In a ‘job job’ (a regular 9-to-5-er, sit-at-your-desk-all-day-er, input-data-for-no-reason-er, regular-salary-er) you’ve got security, a title, a boss and money. You feel safe. However, you hate every living, breathing moment of the day.
In a ‘creative career’ (following-your-hearts-desire-er, turning-every-emotion-into-a-small-art-work-er, having-your-own-studio-er) you’ve got a ‘calling’, a dream in action, a purpose and a destiny! You feel like you’re really existing! However, you still hate every moment of the day because you haven’t ‘made it’ yet and all your family think your having a mid-life-crisis, no matter how old you are.

I can’t say whether quitting is a good idea for everyone but here’s a few things I’ve discovered from quitting my ‘job job’ to have a crack at my ‘creative career’.


1. It’s not like it is in films
In the movies you see the down-trodden star storm into their bosses office, shout at them dramatically and leave with their head held high and music playing to their exact cheery footsteps.
You don’t see them typing their official written notice, the month you have to stay and get asked a million times why your leaving, all the ‘loose ends’ you need to tie up and the phone calls you will receive after you’ve even left.

2. Not everyone thinks it’s a good idea
Save calling Mr and Mrs Negative (they know who they are) until a day your feeling super confident about your decision.
Now is not the time to hear that you’ve made a huge mistake. And be assured, people will say it whether you asked or not!

3. Your savings won’t last forever
That comfortable cushion of neat, untouched, electronic money now has to actually be spent.
It had always been your safety net but now, with no money coming in and plenty going out, that tidy sum begins to dwindle.


1. You can give yourself a new job title!
Go for it! No one can prove you wrong! You’re the boss now and you hand out all the job titles (whether or not you only have one employee, of yourself).
Re-invent yourself! If you don’t believe it, no one else will.

2. You don’t have to feel guilty abut enjoying yourself!
So maybe most famous creatives had difficult, painful existences. Maybe most of them chopped off body parts and had heart-breaking life-stories. This doesn’t necessarily you need to wallow in self-pity and deprivation to create anything meaningful though. A good day can give you just as much inspiration as a bad day.

3. You get to be creative whenever you want
So it might be near impossible now that you’ve got all that time you so desperately wanted but once in a while I write something I’m really proud of. It’s worth the endless of hours of struggling, procrastinating and binge-eating!


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