10 Pieces of My Christmas Day

1. I woke up feeling a little worse for wear. It’s safe to say I did not get a hangover cure for Christmas.

2. Henry the Hoover got involved with the festivities, I found him in my bed covered in tinsle. (A prank I still don’t understand but glad it was made sparkly!)

3. Dinner time entertainment included hearing a new violin being tuned… for a long time.

4. My boyfriend got me actual, brilliant PRACTICAL presents, though they did include sick bags for travelling.

5. All worn Christmas jumpers had flashing lights – hello 21st century!

6. The Christmas pud actually managed to set on fire, twice – just to show off.

7. Social and political discussions were had, obviously.

8. We listened to the O.C Christmukkah C.D at least 3 times in a row.

9. There were presents for all, including the pet chickens who got fancy leftovers and tasty treats.

10. We watched an outrageously un-Christmassy film and didn’t even feel guilty about it! (Mainly because we’ve watched every other Xmas film before hand.)


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