When did I turn into an adult?

A few years ago I didn’t understand anything about being ‘grown up’. I believed I could fix absolute anything myself and there was no written contract I couldn’t get out of. I thought all foods could be microwaved and sell by dates didn’t matter (actually, I still believe that).

However, once I moved out of home into the big bad world I found myself repeatedly proved wrong. There was more than one disaster including rat infestation, blocked plumbing, fire alarms and very dodgy estate agents (I think I have an actual estate-agent-phobia now).

Somehow I seem have spontaneously turned into an adult though. Worse, recently I seem to have developed the mannerisms of someone twice my age. Here are a few examples.

1. I actually read clothes washing labels
Clothes still fit me a month after buying them now. They also aren’t all dyed a funny pale pink colour.

2. I realise not all screws are the same
In fact, there is a vast variety of screws and you have to be a bit of an expert to get the right one.

3. I can put together a flat packed furniture
In fact, I have pieced together a desk chair so many times that I can do it with out instructions (not sure if that’s something to be proud of or not). Furthermore, I can do this in 8 minutes – yes, I timed myself.

4. I must put everything in my diary
In fact, if I don’t put things in my diary then they don’t exist. I will forget anything and everything that hasn’t been written down. This includes doctors appointments, haircuts, days off, my own birthday, etc.

5. I have made a cleaning rota
I even enforced the cleaning rota. Despite being a teenager who had never even learned to make her own bed, things have turned around!

6. I know which phone numbers you have to pay to call
I think this mainly comes from paying your own phone bill. There really isn’t too much finesse or knowledge needed to discover this.

7. I watch really boring ‘how to’ videos
I watched a youtube video on how to clean walls the other day. Then I reenacted it perfectly and now have spotless walls (which no one is allowed to touch).

8. I make textiles talk
My dad used to pick things up that I’d left out around the house and then he’d pretend they were speaking. They would say things like: ‘Mr. T-Shirt wishes someone would take him home to the draw’. If you haven’t done this, I urge you not to start because once you start you just can’t stop!

9. I’ve become very, very nosy
In fact, I can’t sit near a mirror in a cafe now because I will unashamedly watch absolutely everyone behind me and everything they’re doing.

10. I make complaints
I hold grudges like I’ve never held before. Written complaints, twitter complaints, phone complaints, text complaints, I’ve done them all!

11. I can pay bills
I still can’t get my head around the fact that I’m a bill paying adult – mind blown.


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