I’m coming clean…

I am very IRRITABLE!

We’ve all got our bad qualities and this is mine. Most people seem to have a way of making their bad qualities sound nicer than they are. For example, at interviews people will say ‘I’m a perfectionist’ rather than ‘I spend a lot of time faffing about with minor, pointless things.’ However, there’s no way of making ‘I’m extremely irritable and get annoyed at the littlest things’ sound nice.

So, when I speak candidly about my irritability people seem a little disappointed. They’re annoyed I haven’t sugar coated it and pretended even my pitfalls are perfect. Or, that I don’t have a really serious, empathetical downfall like ‘I involuntarily turn green and unnaturally muscly when I’m angry’ – true story. Instead, it just sounds like a bit of excuse to be really grumpy for no apparent reason (which sometimes it is). However, I believe I have discovered a more detailed explanation behind my flaw.

I have a very specific kind of irritability. I can put up with people being patronising, having my belongings broken or important dates being cancelled. I can even survive overhearing wittering teenagers on the bus, being winked at by leering old men or accidentally burning my food. However, I absolutely cannot stand… repetitive noises.

I know it sounds silly but I’ve found it absolutely incurable. It doesn’t matter what kind of sound; speaking, beeping, whistling, snoring… I can’t deal with it! However, my specific form of irritation hasn’t been recognised as a real problem yet so there’s generally very little sympathy for my snapping. I thought of promoting ‘repetitive sound irritation awareness day’, though I fear it would be fairly unpopular. Instead I’ve opted for sharing my sad story and hoping there’s someone out there that shares an equally pathetic Achilles heel (or something worse hopefully).

Maybe if I turned green and muscly people would understand me!



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