10 Things I’ve Learnt in Thailand

I’ve been here about two weeks now and it’s not long until I’ll be leaving and heading to Vietnam. Here’s a few of the less poignant things I’ve learnt while being here.

1. Do not drink the tap water!
I thought this was more of a ‘guideline’. It is definitely not just a guideline!! Fortunately, I wasn’t being all out crazy so I only brushed my teeth with the water rather than drinking it. I did do this every single night though so this was more than enough to knock me down for a few days.

2. Get a water proof bag.
You always think that your cameras and electronics are probably a bit more sturdy than it says on the box. They’re not. And they’re definitely not waterproof.

3. Don’t assume there’s been a translation issue.
If a local says it’s a 7km trek to a waterfall it’s probably aha 7km trek to a waterfall.

4. I don’t like tobogganing.
Or riding on the back, or going down hills, or going through mountains, or over bumps, or driving myself. In fact, I just generally don’t like motorbikes!

5. Days are beginning to blur.
I Know i’s only been 2 weeks out here but I’m already lost as to what the day or date is. Any slight change to my routine completely throws me off my game.

6. All animals are cleverer than you think they are.
Dogs know exactly how to get the right amount of sympathy to get food off of you, cats know how to hide in your room when you’re not looking, elephants know how to tell you to go away and mosquitoes will get you no matter how hard you try.

7. Crackers fix everything.
I’ve been ill for approximately a third of our travels so far and after all the many medications I’ve tried, I can confirm crackers are the best remedy.

8. I’m not so much of a picnic!
I always worry about how I will manage to put up with other people when I’m going away. (I’m an only child with a very specific required quota of alone time and personal space.) This time, I’m going away with only my other half for 12X the amount of time we’ve ever spent away with each other. Dun dun duuuuuh! However, I did not take into account how hard it would be for him to put up with me. Turns out I’m much more difficult than he is so my mind can be put at rest! ;)

9. Tourists are taking over.
I know I’m one of them so I can’t talk but I just can’t get over how many of us there are. Everywhere you look we’re taking a picture. I’d be more accepting if there were more photos of amazing scenery and less of selfies with that funny guy at the tea stall with the Viking hat… (I just don’t get it!)

10. A rucksack is enough.
When I first picked up my rucksack I wanted to cry. Not only was it unbelievably heavy, it was also not even close to enough stuff what I needed to survive on a daily basis! Or so I thought. Yesterday I threw away my first pieces of clothing that I don’t need. It’s nice knowing I don’t need very much to get by! Even if the rucksack is still about the same size as me.

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