9 Things People Should Say More Often

I just watched this Kid President video and wholeheartedly agree with every point! (Especially the one about corn dogs but unfotunately we don’t really have corn dogs in the UK…) I thought I’d come up with a few of my own, partly as a tribute to this video and partly because I think he missed a few.

1. You’re my friend!
There are so many occassions when you don’t quite know where you stand with someone. It’d be lovely if everyone just came out and said ‘I like you’ (unless the truth was that they hated you, then it’s best not to say anything or stop hanging out). It would make it so much easier to invite someone out or get their number without worrying they’ll think you’re a creep.

2. Why not!?
I’m not a fan of the ‘yes man’ approach because I’m stubborn, sensible and riddled with phobias… However, when there’s genuinely no reason to turn an offer down, why not go for it!?

3. I love you.
You know they know, and they know you know they know… So, why don’t we just say it!?
Granted, sometimes it is awkward but in those situations I find it best to sing it. (In the tune of ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You’ is my personal favourite).

4. You look fab!
‘Fab’ is obviously interchangeable with less outdated terminology but I like it! I’m guilty of thinking nice things but never actually saying them as well as being offended when someone doesn’t notice I’ve made an effort. Time for a change!

5. Would you mind if…?
Being a typical awkward Brit, I generally just stand somewhere looking uncomfortable and hoping that someone will move/help instead of asking if they will. There’s usually a lot of huffing, puffing, umm’ing and ahh’ing involved. It would probably be easier if I just asked.

6. What do you enjoy doing? / What’s the last book you read? / Where’s your favourite place?
Anything but ‘what do you do?’ I may be the only one but I always feel impending judgement as soon as someone asks what I do for a living.

7. I need your help.
This may be another personal gripe but I hate asking for help. I just like saying I did everything all by myself. (I’m going to blame only child syndrome as per ususal.) But does it really matter? Things would probably get done faster and I’d learn a bit more if I just gave in to a helping hand.

8. I’m so jealous!
This is much nicer than trying to make the thing that you are jealous of seem less cool than it is…

9. I don’t want to do that.
I always feel the need to come up with a really elaborate excuse for not doing something when the actual reason is just ‘I don’t wanna!’ Once in a while I’m going to say in all-out confidence, with no explanation and no worries of what other people think: nope!


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