An Ode to Coffee

Oh coffee,
You weren’t that great at first
You were really rather bitter
And didn’t quench my thirst

A drop of milk improved you
You were much less grim to drink
I accepted you had some charm
And even helped me think

Next you mixed with sugar
And became conside rally more tasty
I almost managed to glug ya
Without feeling so pasty

I ordered you expresso
Be it by accident or fate
I moved as fast as lightening
And was left with a headache

I thought it best we part
As things weren’t going well
But at my next café stop
I caught a whiff of your smell

I couldn’t deal with losing you
Our friendship’s grown, quite rightly
I felt an emptiness inside me
Fast digestion most likely

Coffee, my new buddy
What a pair we are
You bring out the best (and worst) in me
Without you I don’t get far

It’s time I admit to myself
I think of you every day
However, I can’t help but think
The feeling only goes one way


2 thoughts on “An Ode to Coffee

  1. I think I’ll increase my coffee consumption from one a day to one every hour in the day (just kidding but you make drinking it sound so interesting!!!) :)

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