Harry Potter Haitus

Long story short, I have just began reading Harry Potter!

Long story long, I grew up in a fairly religious family. ‘Fairly’ being two meetings, one bible study and one morning preaching per week. Not to mention no taking part in any Pagan celebrations which is basically all celebrations; birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, even pancake day!

I got a lot of undue sympathy for my missing out on these things (first world problems, eh?) but I was never really that fussed. You can’t miss what you never had, eh! Also, I was super rebellious so I had pancakes whenever I wanted, never-mind pancake day.

Though, to this day, one of the things that peole find most difficult to believe is that I wasn’t allowed to read any of the Harry Potter books (Pagans, witches and wizards, go figure). There was a lot of other things I wasn’t allowed to read or watch that were probably significantly more important but this was the one that really got people. ‘Deprived of childhood’ was the usual heavy duty term I was met with and the hardcore Potter fans were much more vocal about there opinions.

Only now do I realise that the last few years has been an alternate stages of acceptance of Harry Potter. I think deep down I knew that I had to read the books eventually but now I’ve finally got to the final stage.


Age 8 – Ignorance
‘Who’s this Harry guy? I don’t care. I don’t want to read for fun, I just want to play heads down thumbs up.’


Age 9 – Independence
‘Oh, you’re all talking about that again? No worries, I’ll just draw a super cool picture of a dragon or something.’

Age 10 – Confusion
‘Why is everyone still going on about this? What happened to Pokemon and skipping!?’


Age 11 – Laziness
‘Another book? Well, I’ve got way too much to catch up on now, forget it.’

Age 12 – Isolation
‘Apparently something really big just happened, I wish I knew who this Voldemort guy was.’


Age 13 – Competition
‘Hey guys, I just read this way better book, anyone want to borrow it? Anyone??’

Age 14 – Desperation
‘A boy invited me to the cinema to watch Harry Potter, someone quickly fill me in on everything that ever happened!!!’


Age 15 – Acceptance
‘There’s way too much that’s happened, I’ve officially missed the boat.’

Age 16 – Defiance
‘The books sound crap anyway, I’m not even bothered!’


Age 17 – Avoidance
‘I can feel a Harry Potter conversation brewing, I’ll leave now.’

Age 18 – Hopefulness
‘University! Surely people will be over it here… Oh no, I guess not.’


Age 19 – Controversy
‘No, I’ve never read any of them. Pretty crazy, eh!?’

Age 20 – Embarrassment
‘No, I’ve never read them. No, I don’t know what a muggle is, or what Gryffindor is, or who Snape is. Yes I know, I really missed out.’


Age 21 – Realisation
‘Ok, they’re mentioning the books in my writing class quite a bit… I should probably look into them.’

Age 22 – Acceptance
‘Oh. My. Goodness. I love it!!!’


So, I finally gave into peer pressure (and my own curiosity) a couple of days ago. I had a little bit of help from my boyfriend who downloaded every book onto my tablet and made a shortcut to them. I’m over half way through the first book is which is high speed reading for me! I also finally know what a muggle is, I love Hagrid, I hate Snape and I’m learning about Quidditch. Obviously, I’m hooked, I just wish I didn’t have images of grown-up Daniel Radcliffe in my head for every chapter. Always read the books first I guess!



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