My Imaginary Memoir

I’ve never really thought about writing a memoir as I don’t think it would be all that interesting. I probably need a few more dramas and near-death experiences before I get to that point. It would also be quite short as I’m still in my 20’s.

However, I do like coming up with titles… So, in the unlikely event that things get super interesting and become a book, I’ve thought of a few titles. Enjoy!

1. “I Want to Learn Drums” and Other Mistakes

2. There’s Always Room for Dessert


3. Writing, Worrying & Writing About Worrying

4. I Don’t Even Know Why I’m Crying


5. An Account of Repeating Myself by Repeating Myself

6. Old at Heart


7. My Life in Lists

8. I Think It’s This Way


9. Too Polite for Good

10. Great Ideas That Already Exist


11. Forgetting Everything That Needs To Be Remembered

12. Over Analysing Everything


13. Allergies, Diary Entries and Short-Lived Hobbies

14. Cutting Your Own Hair


15. “I’ve Changed My Mind”

16. Missing the First 12 Birthdays


17. From Leeds to Life

18. Worryology



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