The 10 Stages of Procrastination

You wake up early, rearing to go and ready to write. You have high hopes for writing reviews, articles, essays, poems, short stories or maybe even a big chunk of your novel. But then, a funny feeling comes over you… You’ve got so many other things to do, places to be, stuff to eat!!

1. Distraction

What was that? I’m sure I saw something move over there. Was it a fly? Ooh! How exciting!

2. Negativity

I’ll never finish this eveeeer! I should just curl up in a ball and weep, that’s much more productive.

3. Hunger

I need to devour absolutely everything in the kitchen and maybe the world.

4. Tiredness

My eyes… just can’t… stay… Zzzzzzzz.

5. Chores

I’ve got so many chores to do! I’ve never wanted to clean under my bed so much.

6. Cheating

If I can just add a few words here and there maybe I can get my word count up a bit…
*copies* *pastes* *hits keyboard randomly*

7. Delusion

I don’t need to do this crap! I can suceed without any of this so called ‘work’ or ‘experience’.

8. Hysteria

I dont even know what I’m doing any more. Words? Writing? What is this?

9. ‘Research’

Memes and youtube count as research, right?

10. Lowering expectations

Oh, I know, I’ll just write a blog with loads of pictures. Yeaaaaah.


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