Your Writing Mood As Told By Dogs

So I’ve noticed a bit if a crazy cat meme fad going on. When I say noticed I mean I’ve looked at them all and I love them. However, I did think that the trend would have EXtended to other animals by now. I’ve decided to take it upon myself to spread the dog memes and be their spokesperson in gif world.

1. Feeling sorry for yourself

2. Vaguely interested in writing

3. Totally pumped! In fact so pumped you can’t calm yourself down enough to sit down

4. Too lazy to write

5. In need a bit of pampering before you get started

6. Eat or write, eat or write, mmm…

7. Angry at every word you write

8. Distracted by everything

9. Inspired by another amazing writer

10. Down in the dumps because no one’s reading your stuff

11. Brain cannot function enough to text, let alone, write

12. Stuck in a parallel universe where words don’t exist

13. Giving up on writing, you’ve got plenty of other great skills you can use

14. Scratch that. You literally have no other skills.

15. It’s happening… You’re writing… Don’t scare it off…

16. You have an infinite pool of creativity


18. Finally… success!


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