A Limited Number of Faces

There’s only so many expressions in this world. There’s only so much body language. And there’s only a few voices. They’re not infinite. We’re only humans and we can only do so much with our few features, faces and limbs.


There’s millions of different people but once you’ve met a few, you start recognising similarities and overlaps. The older you get, the more you start seeing the same old expessions and movements. You hear the same laughs and voices. People start reminding you of other people and one person’s movements start reminding you of someone else’s.

New people stop being new and old people start reoccurring. Everyone reminds you of someone else in one way or another. You’ve lived long enough to have seen the world’s limited number of mannerisms and they seem to have run out. You’re not surprised or intrigued anymore. Every introduction is like a second meeting.

Then, you meet someone new. Really new. They do something with their face that you haven’t seen before. They blink, or smile, or wave in a way you’ve never seen. They speak with words and an accent that is different to anyone you’ve ever met. They’re brand new. 

You haven’ felt like this in a long time, not since your youth when every face was untainted by past acquaintances. They’re a pristine original. No bad feelings, tinged memories or negative reminders attached to them.

It doesn’t matter if you like them. You’re infatuated. You have to watch them, talk to them, be near them. And for those few moments, or days, or weeks, you take in every aspect of their being and you’re reminded that you’ve still got a few unseen faces left to see.


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