The Fabric of Life

I just discovered Hit Record, a site that has tonnes of writing challenges and competitions. It’s a great way to share your ideas and it’s founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, w’hey! You can check out the website here.


It’s not easy being a sock. Never has been, never will be. There’s many hazards for a foot protector, from regular kidnappings to weekly whirlpools, and roaming toe nails to splayed splinters. Elmer had been warned by the socks on her shelf that things would be difficult but she didn’t believe them.

“I heard there’s a nail cutter drought, socks are getting stabbed left, right and centre!” Said a bright pink, knee-length sock.
“Some barely even make it to the washing basket.” Said her nervous partner.
“What about the dust bunnies, have you heard about the dreaded dust bunnies!?” Said a White sports sock.
“Oh don’t bring up the dust bunnies,” Replied the first pink sock “I have thread-mares about those things!”

Elmer unrolled herself from her pair and peaked out of the window of her package. She was a light yellow ankle sock with a white frill that made her look misleadingly delicate.

“I can’t wait to start walking!” She said cheerfully “Just imagine how great it’ll be to be out of this bag and on a real life foot. We can run, or dance, or play football! Right, Nina?”
“It’s not as s-s-simple as that.” Elmer’s matching sock, Nina, stuttered “We might lose each other.”
“Don’t be silly, Nina.” Said Elmer, shrugging off the comment “We’ll be fine!”

Elmer had big dreams; she imagined stretching her threads on a smooth, slick laminate floor and running through crunchy, green grass. Nina preferred the simple life; she hoped to be picked up my a sweet old lady who hand washed them every week and kept them warm in front of a fire.

“Nina! Elmer!” Shouted the sports sock “I think you’ve got an owner!”
“Good luck girls!” Chorused the pink, knee-length socks.

Before they knew it, a hand had grabbed them off the shelf, threw them in a basket and carried them away to a check out.

“Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.” Warbled Nina.
“Weeeee!” Shouted Elmer.

They were slipped into a bag of darkness and carried away to somewhere unknown. Nina whimpered all the way there, with every turn. Elmer’s heels glinted with glee, she felt like running and jumping and dancing all at once! Maybe she would get the chance, as well. When they reached their new home they were left on the floor by the doorway. All they could see was an old peeling ceiling and all they could hear was laughing and running of children.

“This place is going to be amazing!” Said Elmer gleefully.
“It’s not right…” Whispered Nina “Shouldn’t our new feet be putting us on? Taking us on our first walk?”
“Oh, I’m sure they will!” Said Elmer “Stop worrying, Nina.”

Suddenly, everything went dark, there was a rustling and grunting sound above them.

“There!” Said Elmer triumphantly “That’s probably our new feet now.”
“Doesn’t sound like a hum…AHHH!”

Nina was yanked away mid-sentence by an unknown creature. The plastic bag was knocked over and Elmer saw a huge, lumbering dog walking away with Nina in its mouth. For the first time, Elmer felt terribly lost and scared. Everything the other socks had warned her about seemed entirely possible. She couldn’t fight all the dangers in the whole wide washing basket by herself. She had to find Nina.

She scrunched herself into a ball and started rolling across a crumb covered carpet. She dodged the stomping feet of screaming children and droplets of spilt food. She tried not to notice that every pair of feet she passed wore un-matching socks. She just kept rolling, searching for the dog. She couldn’t live without Nina.

Elmer stopped in her tracks. There, at the other side of the living room, Nina was trapped in the paws of a drooling, scratching dog in a grubby dog bed. Her threads were being stretched and unravelled. Her fabric was being dribbled and slobbered on. It was Nina’s worst nightmare!

“Get away from her!” Shouted Elmer.

Nina said something back but it was just a muffled shout. Elmer took a deep breath and began rolling right into the grasps of the dreaded monster. She was immediately snatched up by its growling jaw, drenched in slobber. She was wedged next to Nina and a pink, wiggling tongue.

“This isn’t so bad.” Said Nina, surprisingly upbeat for the first time since leaving the shelf.
“What!?” Said Elmer, as she swung through the air and landed on the floor “But you’re terrified of everything.”
“Yes, but it’s not so bad when we’ve got each other.” Said Nina, as the creature chewed on her lace trim.

Elmer grinned, she was right. For the first time ever, they realised what life was all about. It wasn’t about what you trod on, or where you got lost, it was about who you were with. It’s not easy being a sock, but it helps when you’re in a pair.


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