Titillating Tautograms

Continuing my mild obsession with Hit Record – a creativity sharing site – I’ve discovered a new form of writing! This week’s ‘Weekly Writing Challenge’ is to write a ‘tautogram’, which means every word of your piece must begin with the same letter. ‘No problem!’ I thought ‘I wrote some killer alliterations in Highschool.’ Turns out its tougher than I remember. 5 hours later…

Bound by blood-thirst, bravery, brutishness.
Bereft beauty, benevolence, bounty.
Barbarians bide beyond boundaries.

Bourgeois breeds believe barbarians beastly.
Born basic, boorish, broken.
But bigots be blinded by bromide.

Bloodlines brim beneath barbarian’s beings.
Bearing bones bestowed by begetters.
Barbarians be brazen bygone beholders.

If you’d like to get involved yourself then click here.

Here’s some other entries that I enjoyed reading (slash, wish I’d written…):



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