Things I Think While I’m Trying To Write

This morning I got up really early, headed to a café and proceeded to write!

1. I should start writing.
2. All it takes is to start then I’ll be on my way.
3. What was that quote about just putting one word after another?
4. Now, all I can think about is quotes. Come on ideas, come to me!

5. I’m blank, like, literally dessert-brained.
6. Ah, an idea! Yes! …Oh no, it’s gone.
7. I’m just going to check my emails…
8. …And wordpress…
9. …And facebook…
10. …And twitter…

11. God! For all the career promotion these social sites promise, they sure do get in the way.
12. Ok, I’m turning off my WiFi.
13. Actually, I need to research something, I’ll turn it back on.
14. Cat GIF, LOL. Dog GIF, LOL. Baby GIF, LOL.
15. I need another drink. Caffeine is essential.
16. Too much caffeine, toilet break!
17. Ok, when I’ve written one page then I’m going to treat myself to a chocolate brownie.
18. Actually, I should just have the brownie now, that’ll help me think.
19. Maybe I just need some inspiration. I’m going to go for a walk!
20. No inspiration still, maybe a nap will help. I’m sure I’ll have a super creative, fully formed dream that can become a best seller.

21. Maybe I should just give up on this.
22. Or change my main character.
23. Or change the plot.
24. I’m just going to read what I’ve already written. A recap might help me clear my mind.
25. I’m so confused! What have I written!?
26. I’m starting from scratch.
27. Actually, it took me a really long time to get this far… I’ll just carry on.
28. This screen is too bright/dark/large/small. I must spend copious amounts of time trying to fix it.
29. My house is messy. It wouldn’t be right for me to write until I’ve tidied up.
30. Who’s that person out of the window? I’m sure I recognise them. Hellooo!

31. I need an office. An office would fix everything!
32. Or an agent, I’m just going to search for an agent so I know who to contact when I finish writing this book…
33. Soooo, I’ve wasted a million, billion hours. This was a terrible day. What am I even doing!?
34. I give up. I’m giving up right now. This is pointless!
35. *relaxes* *watches TV* *switches brain off*
36. Wait a minute… Something’s happening…
37. An idea? A thought? A plan? I must write!

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