Wednesday’s Weird Words #1 – Love and Logic

So, I’ve come up with another weekly writing challenge in the form of an alliteration; Wednesday’s Weird Words! It’s a bit of a stretch as not every word will actually be weird, but basically, the content will be strange in some way or another. Here’s my story for this week:


Love and Logic

Love got him into more trouble than hate ever could. There had been many, many examples of this but none quite as extreme as this time. Henry found himself in the middle of a pitch black morgue with a chisel and a bucket. This time it had escalated past the point of trouble, it was pure, unadulterated, madness.

Henry had loved Kelly Kibble since he was a boy. They were family friends from a young age and she had always considered him to be like a brother, but this had not deterred him. In fact, he had been encouraged by most of her rejections. When she had spat on his cheek when they were four, Henry had considered this the next best thing to a kiss. When she had cried into his arms when they were six, Henry had felt that she had confided in him. (Though he failed to acknowledge that he had been the one to make her cry.) When they were eight, she had ignored him for a fortnight because he accidentally killed her pet fish. Henry considered this a learning curve in their relationship.

Now, the pair were sixteen and Henry was positive that this time she really loved him. Henry decided to visit Kelly after his mother had told her about the accident. He heard Kelly crying in her room, he gave one swift knock on the door and then walked straight inside. Kelly didn’t lift her head to look at who had entered, she just continued to bawl.

“I heard your boyfriend died.” Henry said, bluntly.

Kelly wailed and punched the bed.

“It’s ok.” He said, sitting on the bed “My mum said he wasn’t very nice anyway.”
“And what does your mum know!?” Said Kelly, lifting her head from the pillow venomously.

Her eyes were read and puffy and her face was covered in snot and tears.

“She read about him in the newspaper, quite a reliable paper, it was the Times.”
“They didn’t know him!” Shouted Kelly “They had no idea what was going on!”

She threw her face back down into the pillow and began to cry loddly again. Henry didn’t like how much attention this dead boyfriend of Kelly’s was getting. He was already dead, after all, Henry was alive, he should be getting her attention now.

“He was a criminal, Kelly.” Said Henry “A thief specifically, the least talented of the criminal species.”
“He was just misunderstood, that’s all.” She mumbled from the pillow.

There was a long silence as Henry struggled to digest this confusing information.

“That’s how we met.” She said, lifting her head up and sniffling “He stole my necklace and I went after him. I didn’t treat him like shit though, not like everyone else. I just asked for it back.”
“Did he give it back?” Asked Henry.
“No. Aaron was stubborn, that’s why I liked him. He kept the necklace and he said he’d only give it back if he could take me on a date.”
“So, he blackmailed you?” Henry said, matter-of-factly.
“No! It was romantic.”
“So, you went on the date.”
“And he gave back the necklace?”
“No… He’s probably still wearing it now.”
“No?” Asked Henry, indignantly “Well, that’s breaking the agreement!”

Kelly almost cracked a smile when he said this, but she wasn’t smiling at him, she was just smiling blankly into the distance. Suddenly, she rolled into a ball on the bed and began sobbing again. Henry was confused by the whole ordeal. They had known each other for over a decade and she didn’t seem to understand him. Yet, she had known this criminal for no more than six months and she ‘understood him’, loved him, even. Henry knew what he needed to do this time, though. He just needed to prove to Kelly how much nicer it would be to date a kind, honest guy like himself. That was the logical answer, of course. All he had to do was show her and she’d come to her senses. Henry suddenly stood up.

“Don’t worry, Kelly. I’ll fix this for you.”

Kelly sat up quickly and grabbed Henry’s hand desperately.

“No! Henry, please don’t do anything.” She pleaded.
“It’s alright, I’ve got the perfect idea.”
“Henry! Don’t do anything. Promise me, you won’t do anything!?”
“To promise that would be a lie, Kelly.” Said Henry, walking to the doorway “I wont lie to you, Kelly.”

Henry stepped out of the room without looking back. He was going to get Kelly’s necklace back from that lying, criminal’s corpse. He would return what had been stolen and amend the dead boy’s broken contract. Kelly would love him for that, how couldn’t she? He was the logical choice and logic ruled everything.


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