30 Day Writing Challenge – Day #1

I saw this challenge on Klnikolova’s blog and fancied having a go myself. It’s a 30 day writing challenge and it’s all about YOU, or me, or whoever takes up the challenge, I guess… Have a look at the rules below and join in if you like.
Here’s my first day of the challenge:

List 10 Things That Make You Really Happy

1. My Motorbike
It is well known in my apartment block that I’ve had quite a few disasters with my bike. However, over the last few days I’ve started getting the hang of things! I’m finding my way around, exploring new places and getting into the the rhythm of Vietnamese driving.

2. My Kitchen
After three months of travelling, I started missing cooking my own food. It’s something I’ve never appreciated before and now I’m loving it… Even if I only cook noodles.

3. My Travel Diary
I’ve been keeping a travel diary for five months now, complete with receipts, tickets and photos. I thought I’d give up in the first month, to be honest, but I’m so glad I didn’t! Now I’ve got a little book of memories to enjoy.

4. My Students
I am by no means a natural teacher, some would say I can be a little irritable and impatient… So, when I started teaching English, I expected a few disasters. However, I love it! The kids are smart, fun and enthusiastic, they always brighten up my day and teach me to be a little bit more of a free spirit.

5. Kids films

I just can’t get enough of them, they never get old and they remind me that even my silliest stories can be entertaining and successful.

6. Skype
So Skype and me have a turbulent relationship. It tends to fall out with me just when I need it. But on those occassions when it plays fair, I love to speak to my family and friends. They always keep me going when I’m having a bad day.

7. Thunder storms
Hanoi has the best thunderstorms! Obviously, they’re not ideal if you get stuck outside in them, but if you’re indoors, they’re pretty beautiful!

8. Hairdressers
It’s one of those little things, but I really love getting my hair cut! I find it especially great because my hairdresser insists on having a photo with me after every trim.

9. Cafes
Each one feels like my own personal office, and having a new office (and a funky coffee) every day makes me look forward to ‘work’.

10. Blogging
I love blogging, I love the fact that someone on the otherside of the world is reading what I’ve written and I love reading other people stuff too. It’s a little piece of routine and creativity that I can return to when ever I want.

40 thoughts on “30 Day Writing Challenge – Day #1

  1. I’ve failed in all of these challenges I’ve “tried” doing in the past, but since tomorrow’s the start of a new month, I’m challenging myself to finish this!

    By the way, because of this, I’ve now known a lot of things about you! It’s really interesting to read about people’s experiences while living in a foreign country!

    1. I think I may have a couple of ‘fail days’ too, 30 days suddenly seems like a really long time…
      But it’s ok, we can nag each other to keep going! Looking forward to finding out a bit about you too :)

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