A Letter To My Inner Editor

This year is the year of writing, sharing and getting involved! I’ve decided to say ‘yes!’ with open arms to any writing challenge or opportunity that presents itself. Furthermore, I’ve decided not be afraid to share my work. That one’s not as easy, but at least you can pretend to be brave on the internet ;)
Here’s my first piece of ‘getting involved’ for Writerish Rambling’s Six Minute Challenge. Enjoy and have a go yourself!

Dear Inner Editor,

We are writing to inform you of the numerous comlaints lodged against your behaviour. In recent years, your attitude to writing and creativity has changed significantly. In the past, you would speak up only when really, really terrible ideas announced themselves. (We all remember the disastrous trees and foilage musical, and we thank you for putting a stop to it.) However, now you seem to have an opinion on absolutely every idea, and you are becoming difficult to work with.

The Dialogue Department have found your behaviour to be distracting and irritating, they have mentioned that you often butt into sessions simply shouting ‘no one would say that!’ and ‘are these people or robots!?’. This is incredibly unproductive and down-heartening. Structures and Plots have also complained that you are constantly interrupting them, and they are finding it impossible to get anything done at all. They have mentioned that they find many of their scenes crossed out and scribbled on, this is very childish behaviour and will not be tolerated. The Character Creators have reported you to be overly negative and unsupportive. They have had numerous potential characters quit on the first day because of your treatment of them, and we cannot afford to lose anymore. Finally, the Dream Team have accused you of sabotaging their epiphanies and ideas that they come up with overnight. I have been told that rather than writing down their ideas immediately, instead, you choose to get breakfast and lose all their hours of hard work.

We’d like to remind you of your role in the company so that we can avoid more complaints in the future. You are in charge of channelling the best ideas into production. We understand not all ideas seem like they will be successful at first but if you keep closing them down then we will never complete any projects at all. Please remind yourself of your first day on the job when you supported the project ‘The Magic Twig’. Arguably, this was not a particularly great project, but this did lead to various successful pieces thereafter. Please do us all a favour, and take a leap of faith on your next project.

Yours sincerely,

Isabelle’s Brain’s Creative Writing Society


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