3 Words Writing Challenge – Astronauts and Doctors

In the spirit of challenges, I’m trying a short and sweet one from 3 Words’ Blog. There, you’ll find a handful of words posted every day. The aim of the game is to use three of those words to tell a short story. I’ve chosen; ‘astronaut’, ‘rise’ and ‘with’. Wish me luck!


Astronauts and Doctors

An awkward man stands at the edge of a very neat living room. There’s a small party going on, the kind with cocktail sticks and drinks on coaster. The man is trying to look inconspicuous, no, even less, he’s trying to look invisible. Despite his efforts to be ignored, he is approached by the most confident girl at the party – a seven year old.

“Are you a doctor?”
“No, actually, I’m an astronaut.”
“What’s an ast-o-rut?”
“An astronaut. Well, they go to space and they find out about the planets, and the solar system and the…”
“But, what do they do?”
“Erm, well, I guess mainly… we float around in a spaceship.”
“You just float around?”
“There’s no such thing as just floating around. I rise, I fall, I spin on an axis of my own, I defy gravity, I escape reason, I toy with reality, I break monotony, I skip day and night. Floating is much more than ‘just’ floating.”

For the first time during the party, the man felt that he had something to say, something that really should be listened to. The little girl stared up at him innocently.

“I’d rather be a doctor.”

She turned and walked away from the man without a second thought. He looked around self-consciously, then, returned to eating a piece of cheese on a cocktail stick and pretending to be invisible.


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