Day #2 – “People Don’t Forget!”

As you may know, I’m at the beginning of a 30 Day Writing Challenge – woohoo! If you want to read Day #1 or read the rules to join in yourself click here. Now on to the good stuff!

Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.

I had to think long and hard about this one, not only because I tend to block out bad memories, but also because I have a terrible memory in general. So, I can’t promise any great, meaningful statements, but I can share a few random words that have managed to stick with me:

“You’re not very aspirational.” – My Gran

Oh grandma, thank goodness I didn’t get my way with words from you! My gran has repeatedly pointed out that I am ‘not very aspirational’ and I have repeatedly disputed this. It’s always meant as a strange kind of compliment, in the way that ‘it’s so nice that you’re just happy where you are’, however, I have never taken it well. On the up side, this has only driven me to be more aspirational, nothing drives me more than proving other people wrong!

“I can’t believe how normal you are.” – My friend’s mum.

Who knows what my friend said about me to garner this comment, but his mum seemed to be quite surprised at how I’d turned out. A lot of my friends seem to think that I had a difficult childhood because of silly little things like not getting to celebrate birthdays or read Harry Potter (first world problems, eh?). I just think it makes doing those things now all the more exciting!

“You were always the one who said f*ck it and just did whatever!” – Friends.

More than one friend has said this and I can hardly believe it’s about me. However, I am always pleased to hear that my behaviour comes off that casually. Little do they know about me writing fevered pros and cons lists, obsessively organising and dramaticly crying before a big decision.


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