The Encouraging Thunder Award

I’ve just been nominated for the ‘Encouraging Thunder Award‘ by the lovely Caroline Peckam. (Thank you!) You can read her hilarious and cheerful blogs here – I recommend ‘Getting published is like volunteering for the hunger games’, you won’t be disappointed!


The award is a great way of championing inspiring, supportive bloggers, as well as to give them a little boost to keep going. On that note, I’d like to nominate the following brilliant bloggers:

blondeusk /
Another cheery Leeds lass, a funny and inspiring writer, and she always has a kind comment for my blogs!

scottpocock /
My partner in crime, travel blogging and *ahem* life.

theepowerofgood /
A blogger also living in Vietnam, her brilliant blogs say what I’m thinking before I’ve even thought of it!

I wish a (metaphorical) bolt of lightening to strike you with words, ideas and inspiration!


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