Day #3 – Pet Peeves Of An Irritable Person

This is my third day of the 30 Day Writing Challenge. 10% through! … Suddenly 30 feels like a really big number! If you want to read Day #1 or read the rules to join in yourself then click here.

What are your top three pet peeves?

Three really isn’t enough! Where to begin…

Repetitive Noises

I cannot stand repetitive noises! Things like tapping, humming, chewing, scratching, just drive me berserk. After a little research, I did find out that this is a condition called ‘misophonia’, which you can read about here. However, knowing its ‘official’ name hasn’t really helped, it’s just given me an excuse to snap earlier.

I think generally most people don’t like know-it-alls but this really is my least favourite kind of person. I have always considered myself to be extrememly independent, to the point where, as a child, if someone were to draw a line on a picture I was drawing then I would throw it away because ‘I hadn’t done it myself’. This reaction has stayed with me to this day and I still can’t stand anyone telling me how to do something or trying to help me, even when I really need to be helped…

Queue Pushers
Just get in the queue! We’re not animals!


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