Don’t Break The Chain

I’ve decided to have a go at a new kind of writing motivation (yet another, I could make a book of these!) and I’ve settled on Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Don’t Break The Chain’ technique. Basically, he prints out a huge calendar and draws a big red ‘X’ across every calendar day that he manages to writes on. Eventually those X’s begin to look like a chain and it would be pretty unsatisfying to break the chain, right?

This year, my boyfriend made me an amazing calendar. So amazing, in fact, that I’ve been afraid to actually use it. You’re about to see why…

January Girl


February and Februarier


March Fiction


An April Fool


Happy May(gan Fox) Day


June of Thrones…? (I think I’m losing my touch.)


Yes, all the character’s faces have been replaced with my own, my boyfriend’s and our friends. Now I have to make use of this magnificent art piece! The big red ‘X’s’ are going on the calendar…


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