Tuesday’s Tiny Tale #2 – Conversations Between Objects

I’m trying to get into dialogue pieces again. After studying screenwriting at university, I grew a bit of an aversion to it. Although I love reading dialogue, writing it always reminds me of handing in last minute assignments . I’ve decided I’m going to change that though, I’m going to get my dialogue love back! Here’s this weeks tiny tales, there’s two as I’m feeling extra spritely!


A coffee and a water sit on a round coffee table in a trendy café.

“Not another breakup!” Said the water.
“No way, no one orders coffee for a breakup.” Said the coffee.
“Thats because your guy’s the one who’s about to get dumped.”
“No he’s not, leave him alone!”
“I’ve got a sixth sense for these things, seriously.”
“Yeah, yeah.” Replied the coffee “Whatever you say!”

In a matter of moments, the coffee was swept up to a pair of lips and gulped down. The teary eyed drinker stood up and swiftly left the coffee shop, trying to escape the awkward situation and disguise the fact he’d burnt his mouth very badly.


Please excuse the shocking, honesty of this tale. The following is based on actual events…



Cotton bud: Ugh, you look terrible! You really need to fix up.
Ear drum: Oi! I like the way I look just fine, thank you.
Cotton bud: Yellow is so out, darling. I’m going to get rid of all this nasty, last season, ear wax and make you look beautiful again!
Ear drum: No, no, no. You leave that alone, I like yellow.
Cotton bud: Too late, darling. You’re having a make-over!


Human: Oh crap, I’ve blocked my ears up again.


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