Day #4 – My Writing Hero

If you like, read the rules and have a go yourself here! Today I want to rave about my writing hero! Read on to find out who they are.

Write about someone who inspires you.

Philip Ridley! He’s a children’s writer, playwright and director, amongst many other things, I believe. My obsession interest in this guy started when I was 9-years-old. I spotted a book in the library that had a cooky, colourful cover with sparkly, swirling writing. Those were the days, when the highlight of the week was going to the library to pick three books and a video. The book was ‘Scribbleboy’, and it was about a boy trying to discover who was brightening up his neighbourhood with beautiful street art. I loved it! It was so crazy and weird and yet it was about people and things that existed in everyday places, just like my street. After that, I progressed on to Kasper in the Glitter, Dakota of the White Flats, Mercedes Ice and Mighty Fizz Chilla – all as amazingly, weird as the names suggest!


As I got a bit older, I decided I wanted to write children’s books myself and decided to dig up my old books for ‘research’ (funnest research ever). I discovered that Philip Ridley wrote some incredible plays, adult novels and films. I also found out he lived in Bethnal Green (the same place as me, at the time) and his name suddenly started popping up more and more. (Slash, I went a bit nuts and researched everything about him.)


After all that though, what I came away realising was that he just did what he wanted, made what he wanted, wrote what he wanted, and it was magnificent! Whenever I start questioning whether my writing is any good or if people will like it, I just remind myself to be like Philip and write whatever the hell I want!

Signing off with a great quote from ‘Tender Napalm’:



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