Day #5 – Imaginary Jet Setting

Don’t just read, write! Find the rules to join in here. Read on to see five beautiful places in the world…


List five places you want to visit.

Unlike most people, I actually find travel plans quite stressful. I’m somewhat geographically challenged and disorganised. However, as this is a hypothetical situation, I can just enjoy looking at pictures and not worry about flight times – yeaaah!

1. Japan


My boyfriend has been nagging me to go here for months. MONTHS! I’m actually also desperate to go but I know it requires a fair bit of savings. However, figures do not speak reason with my boyfriend, so instead I’ve just been denying that I want to go at all… Looks pretty cool though, doesn’t it?

2. Zambia


My mum was born in Zambia and although she was only there for a split second (a few months, I believe), it’s still a part of our family history that I’d like to see for myself!

3. Australia


I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with Australia, I think partly because I thought that was the furthest away from England you could be, and also because I’m not crazy about learning languages… My dad spent six months here in his younger years and I’d love to follow in his footsteps!

4. Finland


For want if a better reason, it just seems really, bloody nice! Every list of best places to work, best places to be a mum, best place for whatever… It always includes Finland!

5. The Dessert!


Yes, I know, it’s a bit vague. I know very little about the big wide world. I do know that I want to go somewhere completely different from home though. Somewhere that I’ve only seen in films! The dessert is one of those places. (Or Antartica..l to make things even vaguer.)


6 thoughts on “Day #5 – Imaginary Jet Setting

  1. Japan is wonderful. I love everything about it, but I highly recommend learning at least a little basic Japanese to get around. My round trip ticket from Texas to Japan and back cost me about $1400, but once you get here, travel is fairly cheap. Of course, I saved up for a long time…but still, it’s worth the trip, especially if you get to go to a festival.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I would definitely love to go to a festival there, I never thought of that! And I may need a little while to graspe some of the Japanese language haha

      1. If you go to bigger places like Tokyo, you can usually find someone who speaks English, but I’m going to school in the country in northern Japan. People at my school speak English, but most people around town do not.

          1. To Tokyo? I probably won’t return until it’s time to go back to the States. I’m going to stay in the northern area until this semester is over. Japanese spring semester is April until the end of July.

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