Day #6 – Love Me Up!

Find out the rules and join in yourself here. Now, I’m going to get all lovey-dovey and give you the down-low on how to win my heart!


Five Ways to Win My Heart

I’ve always thought that I’m a fairly loving person and it’s not too difficult to get a bit of love from me. However, upon writing this, I realised how much easier it was than I had originally thought…

1. Make Me Laugh

I can’t do without this one! If you can’t laugh make me laugh than I’m afraid you don’t have a deal. I’m particularly fond of dad jokes, word play and seeing people hurting themselves in public (and then trying to cover it up or style it out). If you can do any of these then I’m sold.

2. Food, Food & Foooood (Preferably the act of giving it to me)

Cook for me, or just buy me a burrito, whichever. I like my food and I like those who give it to me. It is essential, though, that you don’t ask me to share… I am not a sharer of food! Never have been, never will be. I’m afraid that’s the price you pay for having my heart, not having my stomach.

3. You’re Not Afraid to Cry!

When it comes to feelings, I’m an open book. A heart-wrenching, tearful, emotional wreck, kind of book. I am frequently found sobbing, weeping and whimpering over the littlest things, and it’s always the biggest deal! When it comes to consolling me, I’m not a fan of the ‘everything will be ok’ spiel, I prefer people sharing their own emotional breakdowns.
Eg. “It’s alright, last week I bought a piece of blueberry cheesecake and started crying because it looked like it was sad”, etc, etc.

4. You Like Lovely Me, and Gross Me

There are lots of gross, weird and odd things about me, as there is about anyone. For example, when I get graphic photos of inside my head from the hospital, I would like to show you it… Believe it or not, my loved ones have actually stepped up to the challenge. Now, that’s love!

5. Animal Videos

This is the fast-track route to my heart. Go for this one if you’re feeling too lazy to do the other things…


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