Day #7 – Listen To This

As always, have a look at the rules and join in, here. Now, let there be music!


Ten songs I’m loving right now

I must apologise in advance. I’m a music hoarder, I overplay things terribly and I’m reluctant to change. I don’t adapt well to learning new song lyrics and it stresses me out. As a result, you can see most of my music is a bit out of date. Get ready to say; ‘oh, I remember that one!’

1. The longest text message – Childish Gambino
I have learnt every single word of this and I rap along proudly (in the privacy of my own home).

2. I really like you – Carly Rae Jepson
It’s irritatingly catchy and Tom Hanks’ terrible lip syncing is mesmorising.

3. You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon
I challenge anyone not to like this song.

4. Modify – Knives
One of the marginally newer songs in my collection (as in, with in the last year).

5. Ain’t got no, I got life – Nina Simone
This always cheers me up!

6. Keep On – Basement Jaxx
I can’t explain why I like this one so much, I just do!

7. Stay High – Tove Lo
Another slightly newer one. This one is a grower, then, a stick-forever-in-your-minder. It hasn’t gone for a while now…

8. Your drums, your love – Aluna George
It’s catchy and the lyrics are easy to remember – always a bonus in my books!

9. All of the lights – Kanye West
I hate how much I love this. I really wish everyone hated Kanye’s music so he didn’t have an excuse to be so big headed.

10. Millionaire – Kelis
Forever my favourite song.


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