Day #8 – Birthdays and Blunders

Have a peek at day #1 and join in yourself here. Sorry in advance, it’s struggle sharing time!

Write about something you struggle with.

Today is my birthday! So, it’s a little unfortunate that today’s challenge is about something slightly negative… If it were about something I had to be thankful for then I would be able to mention that in place of a real dog, my boyfriend got me one of those hilarious squeaking dogs that you find in the market. In fact, I’m going to include a picture of it anyway, just because.




I struggle with worrying. We use the word ‘worrier’ in our family as if it is a medically recognised diagnosis. And, we use it frequently because we’re all worriers. We worry about people’s opinions of us, if we’re doing the right thing, whether our sweat patches are visible, what we’re going to do in the future, if we just said that thing a bit too aggressively, if we’re going to get lost on the way to that interview, etc, etc, etc. And that’s just in a morning! For me, it’s a daily routine to worry about something, I can’t imagine what I’d do with all that spare time if I wasn’t worrying! The only times I have found this to be untrue is when I’m so busy that I simply don’t have any time to stop and worry. So, that’s what I usually do, busy myself silly. I haven’t come up with a solution to my worrying yet, but id like to think it shows how much I care about things, at the very least.

For any of you other worriers, here’s a little quote that might help you out:

“Worrying is literally betting against yourself.”


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