Day #10 – I’m So OLD!

The challenge continues! I’m one third through, twenty days left. If you’d like to start from the beginning or have a whack at the challenge yourself, click here. Now let me rant about a little something…


Write about something for which you feel strongly.

Generally, I’m not someone who delves deep into discussion or tries to sway anyone’s point of view. Partly because I’m not great at proving my point and partly because I’m quite happy to believe something entirely different from the next guy. There are a few serious subjects for which I feel strongly about but I have no desire to argue them. There are a lot of people who will do it much better than I will and I don’t intend to change anyone’s minds. So, I’ve decided to write about just a small point that keels nagging at me…


I’m in my early twenties, so by most of the world’s definitions, I am still young. However, every other person that I meet who is in their twenties seems to say ‘I’m so old!’ Whether it’s jokingly or seriously, whatever. At some point, this seems to come up. Now, I’m not saying being old is bad thing, in fact, the exact opposite. What I’m saying, is there seems to be this huge negative  connotation about getting older or growing up. What I feel people are actually saying is “I’m running out of time” and “I can’t do that thing I want to do now”. Well, I’m having none of that! Here’s my argument:

A) You are getting older, not old, there’s a difference!
Every time you – a young spritely thing – says ‘I’m getting old’ your gran cries a little inside.

B) Old doesn’t have to mean what you think it means.
Think of the positives; you’re more experienced, you’re wiser, you get taken more seriously (most the time), you have more stories to tell, and you get to say things like: ‘oh no, I stopped doing that in my teens/twenties/thirties.’

C) ‘Old’ is a frame of mind!
Yes, it’s a cheesy old thing to say, but it’s true!

D) What does age mean anyway?
So, you don’t get ID’d so much anymore… So, what!? You can do everything you could do when you were 18, and more!

Here’s a few examples of famous people who succeeded later in life:

– Vera Wang didn’t start her career as a designer until she was 40.

– Charles Darwin changed the scientific community with his “On the Origin of Species” at age 50.

– Ray Kroc bought McDonald’s at age 52 and grew it into the world’s biggest fast-food franchise.

– Laura Ingalls Wilder published the first of her semi-autobiographical stories, the “Little House” books, at age 65.

– Harland Sanders, better known as Colonel Sanders, was 62 when he franchised Kentucky Fried Chicken, which sold for $2 million 12 years later.

– Millard Kaufman didn’t officially start work on his first novel, Bowl of Cherries, until he was 86 years old, and it was published when he was 90.

– Harry Bernstein achieving notoriety at age 96 for his 2007 memoir “The Invisible Wall: A Love Story That Broke Barriers”.

So, no more excuses about ‘getting old’! Please!


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