Day #11 – What If…

I’m getting into the swing of this challenge now! If you want join in yourself, start here. Today’s writing prompt is ‘what if…’


Something you always think ‘What if…’ about.

There’s quite a lot of ‘what if’s’ I can think of. What if I had taken that place in art school? Obviously, I would have been a famous graphic designer by now, flooding the world with beautiful and outrageous images. What if I had got that intenship at Disney? Move over ‘Phineas and Ferb’, I’m sure my hit new programme would be taking the channel by storm! What if I had turned down that terrible job? Well, I’d know what I was doing right now, goodbye career confusion! What if I hadn’t wasted my time on people who didn’t care? What if I had stood up for myself that time? What if I had said what I really thought, back then? Etc, etc, etc. I tend to obsess over tiny, mundane situations, which I’m sure that the other people involved won’t remember. However, these things play on my mind like crazy. As a dreamer, I can spend hours contemplating what my life would be like if I’d changed that one little thing. That’s not what I want to think of though. I want to think about the future.

What if I finish this (friggin, blummin, endless) book that I’m writing!?

Well! I could apply to publishers. Eventually, someone might say yes. I might be able to have my story illustrated and bound. I could see my book on shelves. Someone might even buy my book. Someone might read my book. I could call myself an author. What if all that happened? It would be pretty damn good, that’s what! So, I better get started instead of sitting around ‘what if’ing’!


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