A Host Of Excuses For Not Writing (And What They Really Mean)

I’ve been known for coming up with a few porkies as to why I’m not writing, and I think it’s time to own up. I’ve decided to translate my code so that there’s no denying it anymore. I’m also hoping other writers come forward and own up too, so that I know I’m not the only one.


“I’ve been really busy.”
Translation: I’ve been making myself too busy to write, because I’m scared that my writing is terrible.

“I’ve got writer’s block.”
Translation: I’m thinking of other things, like what I need to buy on my food shop and other semi-important things.

“I’m going to start properly after [big, stressful event of your choice].”
Translation: I’m going to put writing off for as long as possible.

“I’m taking a break from writing.”
Translation: I’ve momentarily given up on writing but I don’t want to admit that.

“I’m working on my portfolio right now.”
Translation: I may or may not be spending copious amounts of time making my website instead of writing.

“There’s too many distractions.”
Translation: There’s some really good TV on at the moment.

“I’m working on a few different projects.”
Translation: I’m torn between so many things that I can’t get started on anything.

“I’m concentrating on designing my characters.”
Translating: This is a great excuse to listen into people’s conversations… and not write.

“I’m writing loads! I’m going to all sorts of writing groups.”
Translation: I’m using my writing groups as a support network for not working…

Let me know if I missed any…


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