Tuesday’s Tiny Tale #3 – The Witch Test

It’s that time of week where I write something ridiculously short and call it a story. I must admit, I thought this would be a quick way to shoot out a blog once in a while, but it’s proved a little more challenging than I’d originally anticipated. But, here I go again, having a go! A tiny tale in ten sentences only, enjoy!


The Witch Test

Hella and Kinnew had been sinking for what felt like hours. The water heaved over their heads in bursts, pushing them deeper into the lake. At first they had struggled and screamed, but their limbs only moved in slow motion under the water, and their lungs were plunged with liquid in seconds. Light occassionally streaked through blueness, and illuminated a fevered audience staring down at them, with signs and weapons. Eventually, Hella and Kinnew stopped looking upwards, realising there was no way for them to reach the surface, not when they were tied up so tightly. Instead, they just looked blankly at each other as they took their last breath of murky, putrid water. The look of panic suddenly wiped from Kinnew’s face, then from Hella’s. In fact, two smiles appeared.

“So, I guess they were right about us.” Said Kinnew through a mouthful of bubbles.
“Looks that way.” Replied Hella “They don’t need to know that though.”


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