Day #12 – Coffee, And Other Blessings

I’m 40% through the challenge! No days missed so far (touch wood) and writing spirits are high! Join in yourself here. Now, let’s talk about coffee and other blessings…


Write About Five Blessings In Your Life

Despite being lucky in many ways, I’m a fairly pessimistic realistic person. So, I’m going to have to dig a bit deeper to each my soppy, thankful side. I can’t guarantee anothing though!

1. Funky Kinds of Coffee

I love coffee but I am, by no means, a hardcore coffee drinker. In fact, if I have more than two then I’m as jittery as a hyperactive kid after haribo. However, there are more and more crazy, kooky coffees to suit my weak taste. I just had a super tasty coconut milk coffee. So, now I can enjoy a bit of a caffeine boost without writing like a spider.

2. Books

Thank God wonderful wonderful writers for fiction, fantasy and and general creative-ness! Not only do I have a humongous choice of inspiration and stuff to read, I also have so many opportunities to join in myself!

3. That World Wide Web Thing

I know that’s super nerdy and so ’21st century kid’, but it’s got to be said! If I didn’t have the Internet, I couldn’t Skype my lovely family at home, I couldn’t write long, trawling messages to my friends, I couldn’t find inspiration from all over the world from the comfort of my sofa, and I couldn’t share my writing at the click of a mouse. It’s pretty nifty…

4. English

I thank my lucky stars that my first language is English. I am atrocious at learning languages and I’m sure that if I was born in a different country, with a different first language, then I would be a hermit with no way to communicate with the world. Then again, maybe if I was born into another language, I would try harder to learn another language? Who knows!?

5. My Boyfriend

I am definitely not a romantic, soppy person but I think it’s about time I threw my other half a bone. He cooks for me, researchs stuff for me, scopes out good cafes for me, shares funny animal videos with me, reads every-little-thing I write (and there’s a lot) and generally makes my days better. Ta luv!


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