Day #14 – Comfort Films

I made it through two weeks of the writing challenge! I’m giving myself a metaphorical star right now :) Earn yourself some brownie points/stars/imaginary items of your choice by sharing your own favourite films here.


Post your favourite movies that you never get tired of watching.

I’ve been looking forward to this one for the whole challenge! Get ready to rifle through your memory box. 90’s chick flicks and classic kids films are back!

Despicable Me (1&2 obviously!)
I just love everything about this film, it’s hilarious. In fact, just thinking of it has inspired me to watch both films again and write another blog post on them… DM fans, eat your heart out!

Monsters Inc.
Another kids classic! It’s hilarious and it makes monsters less scary, what more could you want!?

10 Things I Hate About You
A damn fine 90’s romcom and it has Heath Ledger in it. Can’t beat it!

Another great romcom which I have played to death! I think we can all agree this is Will Smith’s finest film…

The Royal Tenenbaums
This film is just beautiful, pastel coloured sweetness to the eye and it has amazing characters!

The Way Way Back
I love feel-good, coming of age films and this is a fairly recent one that pulled on my heart strings.

The Breakfast Club
I’m not even sure why I love this film so much.

Strictly Ballroom
This is an unusual mockumentary/comedy/romance following an Australian dance competition… Think Footloose but less cool. I’m not selling it well but it is worth a watch!

Sometimes I just want a good cry and this is my ‘crying film’. It’s so unexpectedly emotional!!

I’m sure I’ve forgotten lots but I think that’s enough cheese, tears and childish jokes for now!


5 thoughts on “Day #14 – Comfort Films

  1. The Royal Tenenbaums – a masterpiece. If you like Wes Anderson and coming-of-age movies, how about Moonrise Kingdom? Although in some beautiful way, Wes A ha never really ‘come of age’ himself…D X

  2. Congratulations!!! I’m still struggling on Day 6, haha but I’ll finish this challenge, especially since it got me to write almost everyday the past week!

    I love Monsters Inc and 10 things I hate about you, too! We watched Breakfast Club for our English class in High school and loved it! Now I want to watch Hitch, The Way Way Back and the Royal Tenenbaums since I think I loved most of the movies on your list! It’s funny because I was on IMDB today looking for feel good movies, so it’s really timely for me to have read your 14th entry!!

    1. Thank you! You can do it to :D Doesn’t matter if you miss a few days as long as you do all the challenges.
      So glad you like the film choices! If you fancy something feel-good then go for The Way Way Back. If you fancy feel-good AND cheesy, go for Hitch. Enjoy!
      And good luck with your writing challenge! :)

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