Day #15 – Every Minute Of My Day

I’m half way through the 30 Day Writing Challenge – woohoo! Start from the beginning here. Today you get to hear every itty-bitty bit of my day – lucky you!


Bullet-point your whole day.

I would like to apologise in advance for the banality of this challenge. I’m sure you have better things to do than hear every little thing about my day, but tough luck, I’m going to write about it anyway!

06:40 – Alarm goes off, snooze it 3 times.
06:50 – Get up, shower, try to de-flood the shower by swinging my foot around in the water – unsuccessful.
07:10 – Eat a bowl of muesli, brush teeth.
07:35 – Leave the house, come back, pick up forgotten helmet.
07:40 – On the road! Dodge fallen trees from last night’s storm.
08:15 – Get to work, welcomed by Frozen playing at full blast, have my usual limited conversation with the parking attendant (‘Xin chao’ ‘Chao’), I’m accosted by a child with stickers all over her face, escape in the lift, attempt to turn the aircon on in the staff room, eventually succeed.
08:30 – First lesson, tire myself out by playing all my own games.
09:30 – Second lesson, attempt to teach the word ‘ostrich’ to a group up of Vietnamese 3-year-olds.
10:00 – Sit in the staff room. Write this up before I forget.
10:15 – Third lesson, games, games and more games.
10:45 – Fourth lesson, starting to get a headache…
11:15 – Gear up and drive home.
12:00 – Arrive home, generally laze about and watch telly…
15:00 – Skype my mum, we both rant.
15:30 – Skype a friend from home, we also rant.
16:30 – Head back to work for yet more lessons!
17:30 – Fifth lesson, what’s meant to be a test is now a normal lesson – panic and re-plan!
18:00 – Sixth lesson, running out of material.
19:00 – Hide in the staff room, eat the treats that were meant for the students (sorry, not sorry).
19:15 – Seventh lesson, sooo tired!
19:45 – Finish work, drive home, pelted with rain.
20:20 – Arrive home, I’m treated to a ready made burrito (lucky me!), slump into the sofa and watch Divergent.
21:00 – Pour myself a glass of wine, and that’s when I leave you…


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