Your Writing Mood As Portrayed By Despicable Me’s Agnes

You know how, when you write something, you’re meant to have a target audience? Well, I think mine may be too specific to actually exist (except for myself, that is).


This post is for Despicable Me fans who are also struggling to write something… I told you it was specific. Please do own up if you’re one of the few, don’t leave me hanging!

Trying to make your dialogue sound natural.

Stocking up on creative (and physical) fuel.

Distracting yourself from writing in any way possible.

Trying to make a song and dance out of a writing piece that you know is crap.

Having the time of the life in your own fictional world.

Finding a writing muse who doesn’t necessarily want your attention.

Taking joy in your competitors failings.

Unable to control your excitement of finishing a chapter.

Trying to persuade someone to read your first draft.

Receiving good feedback.

Receiving bad feedback.

Forgetting all social skills after spending too long alone, writing indoors.

Refusing to hear how difficult publishing is.

Not letting a publisher turn you down (or trying your best, at least).


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