Day #16 – Wish You Were Here (Material Objects and Food)

I am officially past the half way point of the challenge, not long to go until the end. I’m sure all my family and friends who are being kind enough to read all these will be pleased to hear it!


If you want to join in yourself and make your loved ones read every little bit of your life on a day-to-day basis then start here.

Something that you miss.

I hate to mention it for the millionth time but… I’ve moved to Hanoi! I’ve been living here for about two months now, so I’m actually starting to miss a few things from home…

1. Good British milk. Sorry Vietnam, your milk doesn’t cut it for me.
2. Cold days. Yes, seriously! Sun burn is too much of a hazard for me to show skin and my jeans being constantly sweat-pasted to my legs is not a good look.
3. Meeting for a cuppa. I miss meeting my friends for a coffee whenever we felt like it!
4. Understanding people. I hate not understanding anything that is going on around me. And, on the occassions I do understand and try to converse, people don’t understand me!
5. Politeness. People are definitely not rude here, I don’t want to give that impression! But I think the Brits posses an obsessive politeness that I’ve never found anywhere else, and I like it!
6. Reading. This is a strange one because I used to do all my reading on my commute to work, and I hated the commuting part but I loved the reading part. Swings and roundabouts, ey!
7. Vegetables. It never occurred to me that Vietnam would have different veg. Now I find myself in the supermarket, staring at some unknown food and deciding whether I risk buying it for dinner or not… Generally, I don’t.
8. My bicycle. Don’t get me wrong, my motorbike is great (most of the time) but there’s something so satisfying about cycling somewhere!

However, on a day-to-day basis, whether I’m in England or abroad, I miss studying! Unlike most people, it’s not the ‘uni lifestyle’ that I miss. In fact, I was fairly oblivious to this lifestyle and went through university like a middle-aged mum in disguise (no offence mums, we would have had a great time in halls). The reason I miss studying is because; I loved having real deadlines, teachers to go to for help and someone to nag me to get things done. I liked the fact I had my life mapped out for three years, I had targets to hit and I didn’t have to plan ahead. I genuinely wish my life was a course, then I’d actually get things done!


One thought on “Day #16 – Wish You Were Here (Material Objects and Food)

  1. Yeah – the milk isn’t good. It tastes hyper-pasteurised (read burnt). I now get my milk down an alley, from a group of ladies that stir milk in a big pot over a stove and pour it into plastic bags. It tastes better than the supermarket stuff, which is saying something.

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