Tuesday’s Tiny Tale #4 – The Button

This week’s flash fiction is about teen angst. I don’t remember where I got the idea from (probably one of my own small, inward tantrums) but this is a very literal expression of it… Enjoy!


The Button

Something had changed about Millie since she’d turned thirteen.

“Stop saying that!!” She shouted, raising her hand into the air threateningly “Why do you always say that!?”
“Don’t you even think about it, Millie missy!” Replied her mother, anxiously.
“It’s like living in a prison here! You’re such a… dictator!!” Millie shouted louder, arm raised higher.
“Stop it, Millie. This is your last warning!” Her mother said, her voice trembling.
“I HATE YOU!!” Millie screamed.

With that, her arm launched into action. Her pointed finger landed right in the middle of her own face, slap-bang on the tip of her nose.


Millie spontaneously exploded and pieces of shrapnel tumbled down on to her mother’s shoulders and the carpet. Mainly, shells of swear words, lumps of lies and wisps of words that couldn’t be taken back.

The teen-self-detonator was a curse, really. It always took weeks to put oneself back together. That didn’t stop Millie from using it though, it was just too easy. Millie couldn’t wait until she was twenty and she got the ‘excuses button’ instead.


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