Day #19 – My First Love

I’m almost two thirds through a month of writing! If you’d like to challenge yourself, do so here. Be warned, though, at some point you will be asked to write about your first love…


Discuss Your First Love

I’ve always been fairly clueless as to whether something was love, friendship, a mild obsession or a fling. As a result, I have quite a list of inconsequential relationships that, in retrospect, were absolutely nothing. I thought it would only be right to start from the very, very beginning of those.

My first love, in the very simplest of terms, was back in primary school. I believe I was in year two (starting dating nice and early at five)The lucky chap’s name was Matthew and he was in year three (older boy, woohoo!) We did many relationship building activities, such as; digging up mole hills (hoping to find moles), holding hands with his friend Marcus (we had a very open relationship) and running back and forth across the school field, laughing hysterically (no idea why).

I don’t remember how long this ‘relationship’ lasted but it ended on more amicable terms than with anyone in my adult life. This may have had something to do with neither of us really understanding what a ‘girlfriend’ or ‘boyfriend’ was, and not actually being attracted to the opposite sex, at that point. Anyway, I moved school the next year and we were both just like ‘cool, okay, bye then’. Never saw each other again, no drunk texts (obv), and no broken hearts. If only all love were like that!


2 thoughts on “Day #19 – My First Love

  1. This made me smile! I was secretly reading this at work and I was smiling the whole time! For a “serious” relationship, you seem to have taken the “break up” pretty well!

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