Day #23 – I Want A Word With You, Protagonist

One week to go! You know the drill; view the other days of the challenge here or view the rules here. Today I’m going a little crazy and speaking to a fictional character. image

A letter to someone, anyone.

I love this challenge! I’ve already voluntarily written a couple of letters on this blog, one to my future publisher and another to my inner editor. You may have guessed, I’m really into hypothetical situations and letter writing. So, here goes with another hypothetical, undeliverable letter…

Dear Protagonist of My Partially Written Book,

We’ve been together a long time now, close to two years, I think. It’s no secret that our relationship has begun to get difficult. I think you’ll agree that you can be changeable and rebellious, and I know that I can be bossy and neglectful. I admit I was tempted by another character for a while, and that sometimes I pay my blog more attention than you, but that’s over now. Honestly.

No one said this would be easy, that dreamy first chapter phase is over now and we’ve got to accept our new status. We are veterans! (Mainly of doodling, character profiles and story planning… But eventually we will be storytelling veterans.) There has been days when I’ve hated you, when I just couldn’t make it work with you, but I’ve never regretted starting you. I know you feel the same way (though really you don’t have a great deal of choice with you being my imaginary creation… sorry about that). We’ve stuck together this long, there’s obviously a good reason for that. Let’s not fall apart at the last hurdle.

I’ve been holding off saying this but I think it’s time… I want to take things to the next level, I want to start editing. It won’t be easy, we’ve still got a few long, hard chapters to go, but if we work together, we can do it.

Your loving (slightly psychotic) author,



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