Tuesday’s Tiny Tale #5 – The Toaster’s Revenge

I thought I’d mix things up a little bit for today’s tale. Firstly, my entry is in poem form – it’s been too long since I got out the ol’ rhyming skillz. Secondly, it’s for the kids! I’ve been writing children’s fiction for a while now and I’m finally sharing some of it. It’s a silly and gruesome in – enjoy!


Amongst the dust and grime was a disgruntled toaster
Kept in the cupboard with junk, where he wasn’t supposed to
His owners forgot
They left him to rot
And replaced him with a flash waffle roaster

You could say the toaster was sorely displeased
That the family decided his service not needed
He felt essential
If just ornamental
So he’d teach them a lesson ‘til each one agreed

He filled his grill with water and to their rooms he dashed
(Toasters aren’t very mobile, so some liquid splished and splashed)
Plugged in his socket
Buzzed like rocket
And the whole house zapped and flashed

The father’s eyes turned to coal and the mother’s hair turned to dust
The children had flames for limbs and their bodies were just a husk
Before each crumbled
They solemnly grumbled
That a toaster is an absolute must


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