Day #25 – Illustrate Your Words

I’m closing in on the final hurdle now. View my previous entries here and start your own here. Today I’m using an unknown picture to inspire my writing. I’m usually a very organised writer so this will not come easily. Spare me…

Think of any word. Search it on google images. Write something inspired by the 11th image.

I wanted to pick a word that was really broad so I had no idea what I’d get. I chose: ‘Illustration


When you said you’d draw a portrait of me, I didn’t expect this. You were charming and professional. You didn’t ask me to pose in any particular way. You had a nice modest studio, nothing flashy or arrogant. I thought I’d see a classic oil painting, complete with uncomfortable royal posing, but that’s not what I got.

I felt awkward at first, like I had to give you my best angle, but we talked and I got comfortable. We talked about how you always draw the eyes last because you like to pick the best look, and about how I was afraid of water but I’d always liker the idea of fishing.

When you finally showed me the picture, I couldn’t help but feel you’d taken something from me. Like if I ever threw that piece of paper away that I’d be missing something. Instead of hair, you surrounded my head with bits of my life, reflections of my soul, admissions of me. At once I never wanted to lose that picture, and at the same time, I never wanted anyone to ever see it either.


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