Wednesday’s Weird Words #5 – The Fly

Yesterday, I shared a children’s poem for Tuesday’s Tiny Tale, today I’m sharing a children’s story for Wednesday’s Weird Words. The more I write, the more I realise that all my fiction is a little odd, so soon the title is going to become obsolete. But, until then, enjoy the specialness of Wednesday!


Mina was a very serious 9-year-old. She didn’t run around, or play with toys, or laugh at silly jokes. She never did any acting in her drama class, she just sat in the corner and read. She never kicked the ball at football practice, she just trimmed the flowers at the edge of the field. And, she never danced at ballet recitals, she just drew in her sketchbook instead.

“Why don’t you go play tig with the other kids in the street?” Said her mother, one day.
“Why would I do that?” Said Mina bluntly “There’s no purpose to the game, it’s pointless.”
“The point is to have fun!” Her mum said, straining her voice to sound cheerful.
“I am having fun.” Said Mina, without looking up “I’m reading.”

Her mother sighed and left Mina to her books. There was no persuading her to do anything silly or fun, she was far too logical for that.

One day, her mother insisted that Mina came on a walk through the woods. She hoped the winding branches and mysterious nooks would inspire her to run, and play, and explore.

“Go run! Have fun, Mina!” She said.

But, Mina took one look at the nearest tree and was thoroughly unimpressed.

“This is not going to be very educational at all.” Mina said “There’s only common mould on these trees, nothing of interest to me.”

Mina’s mother tried to put on a brave face. She so wished that her daughter would let go and have fun, but it just didn’t seem to be in Mina’s nature. Suddenly, another form of nature attacked Mina at full throttle. A fly on a mission zoomed into Mina’s face and bounced right off her nose.

“Ow!” Said Mina, rubbing the bridge of her nose.
“Are you alright?” asked her mother.
“I’m fine… It’s just something hit me in the.. Ow!!”

There it was again, the fly flew slap bang into Mina’s cheek. It hit with such force that she felt like she’d been slapped in the face. Then…

Zoooom – POP!

The fly flew straight up Mina’s nose and all the way up into her head.

Wiggle, wiggle, buzz, buzz.

Mina flailed her arms round madly, trying to get rid of the fly. She looked like she was performing a magical fire dance.

“What beautiful acting, Mina!” Said her mother, gleefully.

The buzzing continued in Mina’s head. It made her twitch and itch everywhere in her body. Her legs kicked wildly like a can-can dancer

“What amazing football skills, Mina!” Her mother cheered.

The fly buzzed even more in Mina’s head. Then, she started spinning round and round.

“What beautiful ballet, Mina!” Said her mother, delighted.

Finally, Mina sneezed the biggest sneeze she had ever done. The fly catapulted out of her nose and landed in her hand. It lay limply, exhausted from its journey through her her head.

“You’re right, mum” Said Mina “I can have fun!”

Her mother grinned broadly. Mina looked down at the wiggling fly in her hand and slipped it into her pocket. That would be her little secret.


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