Day #26 – Attempting Self Improvement

I’ve got a few days left of writing left in me until I mentally collapse… Must. Keep. Going. Check out the other days here and see the rules of the challenge here. Today, I’m owning up to what I could improve on, which is super difficult with me being so faaaabulous! (And, nope, I won’t be improving on my modesty.)


Write about an area in your life which you’d like to improve.


My health routine currently compromises occasionally taking the stairs up to my fifth floor flat, pushing my motorbike home when I’ve ran out of petrol, doing a measly amount of sit-ups when my clothes feel too tight, running inside when there’s a storm and coming up with excuses not to try the Pilates class round the corner. All very intensive and productive, I’m sure you’ll agree.

In the past I have cycled everywhere, taken up roller derby and ran three times a week. They all had their moments of difficulty and pain. For example, when the front wheel of my bicycle fell off in the middle of a junction, that wasn’t great. And, pretty much every time I went for a run, I would manage to twist my ankle. One thing overcame all those horrible, difficult moment though, these hobbies gave me that lovely, warm rewarding feeling at the end of the day. (I also didn’t get out of breath when I ran for the bus.)

It got to the point that jumping on my bike was the easier option, much quicker and nicer than taking the tube. I would be that person that actually said ‘so, do you play any sports?’ Me! I said that! I also had a great catalogue of disasterous stories which came in useful during long awkward moments of silence. That’s what I’d like to bring back to my life. Something that makes me just the right amount of experienced, sweaty and happy! What a combination.


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