Day #27 – Orange is the New Black

For the last 26 days I’ve been completing various challenges. Yesterday I had to write about something that I wanted to improve in my life, and today I’m writing about something that’s super great. Join in yourself here.


Write about something that’s kicking ass right now.

Orange is the New Black!

I just finished watching Season 3 of Orange is the New Black. With any show that gets a few series out, you start to have discrepancies about what should and shouldn’t have happened, of course. I guess, as viewers, we start thinking we know the characters better than the writers. However, despite my nit-picking – I love this show!

If you haven’t watched it then let me fill you in: It’s about a suburban, middle-class, clean cut woman who ends up in prison for smuggling drugs money. She struggles to survive life behind bars, find her place is a racially-divided hierarchy and hold her life together in the real world.

I love this show because:

– There’s loads of amazing, hilarious female characters.
– The prison has its own brilliant, backwards community.
– There are tonnes of interesting back-stories.
– It’s kindaaaa based on a true story.
– It’s truly bizarre in so many ways.
– There is a character called Crazy Eyes.
– So many of the conversations had are so honest and eye-opening.
– The show presents lesbian relationships in a really interesting way that I’ve never seen in television before.

– No subject is taboo.
– Prison shows are always cool…

I’m definitely not selling it as well as it should be. Basically, it’s great! Give it a watch.


2 thoughts on “Day #27 – Orange is the New Black

  1. It’s funny because I binged-watched this when my friend asked me to, but I stopped because I kind of got scared of Crazy Eyes and some of the prison guards and the reality of prison life that is portrayed in the show. Maybe I didn’t take it as lightly because some situations they were in can really be traumatizing? But I’ll probably be watching it again soon, I hope!

    1. There are definitely some serious issues portrayed, it isn’t all fun and games. But I think the comedy side and the drama side are great. Though occassionally I’m traumatised too!

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